The Aperol® Brunch Society is hiring people whose entire job is to go around to all the greatest brunch spots and taste the Aperol Spritz® cocktail (the favorite of the ABS) and make sure they're making it right.: 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts Aperol®, 1 part soda.

We'll pay for you and your friends to eat an amazing brunch, twice every weekend, all summer. And like we say, you'll get paid for it.

Amazing, No?

All you have to do to apply is record a 15 second Instagram video of yourself, telling us why you should be CBO, and hashtag it #BrunchForALiving @AperolUSA. The better your video interview, the more likely we'll pick you.


Become a Chief Brunch Officer (CBO) for the
Aperol® Brunch Society.

Live for brunch, drink Aperol Spritz®, look great and collect a
paycheck — it’s a hard job but, hey, someone’s got to do it.

Hello, America. We are Aperol®. And we have arrived.

As Italy’s #1 spirit, Aperol® is excited to bring our signature cocktail, Aperol Spritz®, to your brunch occasion. Its bright orange color, refreshing taste and bubbly brand essence will inspire you to put a new spin on brunch and enjoy the warm summer weather with a side of Spritz!

But we’re growing so fast we need people we can trust to brunch and make sure the Spritz is being made and enjoyed properly. So we’ve started the Brunch Society. Each week we’ll book your brunch in the finest restaurants, pay your tab and pay you to be our Chief Brunch Officer (CBO). Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Check out the qualifications.


  • Experience in winning at life
  • Exceptional standards of dress (rather, European standards of style)
  • Insider knowledge of your city’s hottest brunch spots
  • Almost painfully prolific social media user (you know who you are)
  • Live in one of our designated metro areas
  • A killer sense of humor
  • 21 and up

The cities are New York, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco, where brunch is a way of life. Think of it as the eggs-benedict confessional. The tonight-in-the-city planning committee.

You’ll find the Spritz in the hottest bars and brunch spots in your most glittering cities. It’s the perfect summer cocktail because it tastes like summer feels — light, fun and refreshing — with three parts prosecco, two parts Aperol® and one part soda water, over ice and garnished with orange.

As the CBO you’re leading the chapter of the Brunch Society in your city, which means you just have to be your cultured, educated, life-of-the-party self,

but do it with an ever-increasing group of interesting people who follow your lead and embrace the Brunch Society with Aperol Spritz® at the center of it all.

To apply, post a 15-second video on Instagram telling us why you should be CBO and hashtag #BrunchForALiving @AperolUSA. That’s it. You can even keep your day job! So, what on earth are you waiting for?



  • Drink Aperol Spritz® and eat as much amazing brunch as you want at different brunch locations every weekend between June and August. Spend at least three hours at each.
  • Fill your table with old and new friends each week.
  • As CBO you must promote your chapter of the Brunch Society, so introduce as many new members of the Brunch Society as you can!
  • You must constantly post and spread the word about Aperol Spritz® at brunch — curating photos, videos and stories of how much your chapter is winning at brunch.
  • And don’t forget to share the happiness with consistent weekly social posts using hashtag #BrunchSociety and tagging @AperolUSA!

Application Process

  • Submit a 15-second video on Instagram telling us why you should be CBO for your city and hashtag #BrunchForALiving tag @AperolUSA.
  • The more likes you have, the more we’re likely to see it. So make all your friends work for you and spread your application.
  • Visit aperolbrunchsociety.com to learn more about us and see the current applicant videos.

Work hard, but not today.

Time may be money, but money is nothing if you don’t turn it into bacon.

You can have our week nights, our lunch breaks, but... Brunch is sacred. Our crew is made of old, new and you. We roll call at a tiny sidewalk sun-spot, Where no deadline is more urgent than keeping the fresh bread warm.

We’re telling tall tales on tables, the Eggs Benedict confessional. Time to shoot the shitake.

Waffle over waffles. Chew a balanced diet of last night’s shameless selfies.

Plates full, glasses charged. 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol®, 1 part soda and no parts email.

We probably didn’t sleep last night. So pardon our brunching if it encroaches on taking life too seriously.

We have the orange sunshine from a rooftop. We have the secret ingredients to everything wonderful. Give us three hours of brunch bliss, maybe we’ll take the whole day.

We are the Brunch Society. And our drink is the Aperol Spritz®.

The Barbieri brothers launched Aperol® in 1919 at the Padua International Fair in Italy. It took the country by storm, and to this day, it is still Italy’s favorite liquor. It’s bright, light and tastes like sunshine. It is the perfect drink for brunch.

A Spritz in the sun one day made us realize that we’ve been taking things far too seriously.

So, we’ve finally decided to embrace the Italian in us. We've dropped the spreadsheets for breakfast meats, the ball-points for bagels, the office small talk for scandal and waffles. We’ve let it all go to be where we belong, and headed on out to brunch.

Welcome to the Brunch Society, our drink is the Aperol Spritz®.